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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here are some prompts and likes, hope you will find something you enjoy. If you see another story happening, please absolutely follow your muse! I very sincerely want you to have a good time writing!

In the Mood for Love - Rivers of London - The Talented Mr. Ripley )
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Happy Fourth, darlings!
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I'm done with the movie challenge, woohoo! June was the month when none of the movies turned out be what I thought they would be - mostly, for the best :) I enjoy writing these little reviews, so I might continue with that, but only for the movies that I absolutely adored.

37. A movie based on a play : Macbeth (2015) )

38. A movie with great cinematography : Alien (1979) )

42. A heist movie: Hell or High Water )

51. A movie chosen for you by another player : What About Bob? ) thank you, Peri

Movie of the month :

• Alien (1979) - so much more than the thing in the title!

| 2017 movie challenge|
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Thanks to Peri's gift of the Penny Dreadful comic book, I suddenly got big bad Gothic cravings and of course, I went. all. out :D

3. A movie with an Oscar AND a Golden Globe : The Bridge on the River Kwai )

12+13. Two film adaptations of the same book : Jane Eyre )

31. A musical : Dreamgirls )

40. A movie about a break-up : Nocturnal Animals )

44. A movie about food : Tampopo )

45. An LGBT-themed movie : Orlando )

• I had a real shot of finishing the challenge in May, but my laptop's hard drive croaked in the middle of the River Kwai :) - so I'm 4 movies short!

Movies of the month :

• Jane Eyre (1996) & (2011) - I loved both of these Janes absolutely

| 2017 movie challenge|
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I haven't had any feelings and thoughts about an SPN finale since S5!

supernatural s12 finale : all along the watchtower )

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1. A holiday movie : Boo! A Madea Halloween )

4. The original of a modern remake : A Room with a View )

17. A "bottle-episode" movie : Phone Booth )

24. A movie where you discovered an actor or a director : White Material )

25. A period movie : The Lost City of Z )

27. An animated movie : My Neighbor Totoro )

29. A thriller : Invasion of the Body-Snatchers )

30. A film festival or an art house movie : Blood Simple )

34. A classic sci-fi movie : They Live )

47. A movie based in the Far East : The Assassin )

48. A movie with character death : The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford )

Best movies of these two months (impossible to choose):

White Material (2009) | this woman is holding on too tight

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) | or why you should never meet your idols

A Room with a View (1985) | it's like the finest glass of wine you've ever had

| 2017 movie challenge|
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7. A cult movie more than 30 years old : Stand By Me )

8. A love story : Summertime )

14. A very long (+2.5hour) movie : Kingdom of Heaven )

15. A movie with time travel : Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children )

16. A movie with a female lead : Bad Moms )

20. A top 250 IMDB movie : The Intouchables )

23. A European movie : Phoenix )

28. A comedy : Bridget Jones's Baby )

35. A classic crime mystery : Nemesis )

39. An adrenaline rush movie : Deepwater Horizon )

41. A movie about a serial killer or a sociopath : Insomnia )

43. A spy movie : Jason Bourne )

50. A movie about college or school years : Remember the Titans )

Movie of the month :
Phoenix, a precise, gorgeous story of survival

Stand by Me, a perfect coming-of-age like they could only make them in the 80s

30/52 | 2017 movie challenge
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UTERUSES BEFORE DUDERUSES! I'm so happy we have this holiday :) To all kinds of love <3
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2. A movie based on real events : War Dogs )

5. A British movie : Salmon Fishing in the Yemen )

6. A modern bestseller adaptation : Ender's Game )

9. A movie where the main character learns something new : Europa Report )

10. A movie with animals : The Shallows )

11. A unpopular movie that you liked : The Magnificent Seven )

18. A movie about making movies : Body Double )

19. A prison break/other escape movie : Watership Down )

21. A movie for a modern tech geek : Elysium )

22. A war movie : Hearts and Minds )

26. A biopic : The Revenant )

32. A horror or a supernatural mystery : Wind Chill )

33. A movie directed by an actor starring in it : The Candidate )

36. A movie with a quirky character : Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher )

46. A movie with aliens : Starship Troopers )

49. A movie about an artist : A Bigger Splash )

52. A movie to lift your spirits : Sunshine Cleaning )

Movie I quit after 10 min and gave it a star:
Sully (2016) - Because a) this was directed by Clint Eastwood whose clunky and portentous work I never like, b) I googled that unlike the movie pretends, the government investigation was NOT accusatory in tone. As I'm not feeling kind towards right-wing propaganda these days, I chose to spend my time to read about the actual and not ~alternative~ facts of the Miracle on Hudson.

Movie of the month :
The Revenant, holy f.

|17/52 for 2017 movie challenge|
***** )
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• In 2016, I read ~20,000 pages in 69 books and watched ~220 movies and seasons of TV shows. My scrapbook was HERE.
• I did a summer Colin Firth movie marathon of ~30 flicks which was a total blast though I'm still to post about it.
• I finished this movie-a-week challenge, though unlike [ profile] peripety, I was bad and didn't write reviews for most of them.

books, completed )

books, wishlist )

movies & TV, completed )

movies & TV, wishlist )
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This sci-fi and fantasy challenge, on the contrary, is absolutely going to happen. The best thing is that this can be a book, a tv show or a movie unless specified otherwise.

[The original idea is from HERE].

a sci-fi and fantasy challenge 2017 )

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A twin of the movie challenge from HERE.

I'm not sure this is going to happen because I'm not very good at reading when I have to read. So, I will read whatever I'm feeling like and see if it checks any of the boxes.

Also, [ profile] peripety gave me this beauty for Christmas and now I'm all eager to scratch the classics off in 2017.

book challenge 2017 )
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This is the second year of the Great Movie-A-Week Challenge by [ profile] sladkoezhik!

I finished the 2016 challenge: HERE and I really got out of my comfort zone a few times: I watched an Indian and an Asian movie, and even a silent one; I discovered a new favorite director, Douglas Sirk, and two new fave movies, Tess by Polanski and In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai, and a mindblowing Moon landing documentary For All Mankind; and I had fun time writing all too few reviews.

The rules are simple:
• watch a movie that matches one of the 52 challenge items
• post a review; or group a few reviews in one post whenever you feel like it
• your interpretation of the challenge items can be as creative as you like; go wild!

The whole idea is to get out of your comfort zone and to make new discoveries. Join in!

52-in-2017 movie challenge )



Nov. 9th, 2016 09:43 am
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Gloria Steinem:

This is a vote against the future. But the future is going to happen anyway.

(c) tumblr
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So, on the finale of Game of Thrones:

- my favorite house has been entirely wiped out from existence,
- my second favorite house (previously of one) doubled its numbers to the whole two people,
- people were baked into a pie,
- at some point, I began to wonder if anyone's making it to the next season.

This is a great New Yorker article on the parallels between the 2016 US presidential election and this season of Game of Thrones. I didn't agree with everything (because, opinions), but I think it's an interesting read.

This TV critic, Emily Nussbaum, won a Pulitzer this year for "for television reviews written with an affection that never blunts the shrewdness of her analysis or the easy authority of her writing." :)

making sense is not the same as having meaning )


Jun. 24th, 2016 04:00 pm
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Answers to this meme! Those choices were hard because apparently, I like a whole lot of things and have long-winded opinions.

i'm the slowest )

idk, art I like today x
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So, I've just finished watching Tess by Polanski.

Oh. my. GOD. To quote from a fellow sufferer from tumblr, "I want to physically step into this book movie simply so I can fucking smack both Alec D'Urberville and Angel Clare in the face with a cricket bat". What a pair of douchebags. That poor girl. I can't believe how many emotions I'm having.

This out of the way, the review:

tess (1979) :

A strong-willed peasant girl becomes the object of affection of two men: one a spoiled aristocrat, another a self-righteous parson's son.

It's based on Thomas Hardy's novel Tess of the d'Urbervilles which made quite a stir in its time and made the moral Victorians clutch their pearls. Because Hardy showed that it's equally heinous for a man to be too moral - as it is to be too immoral. And, of course, all the steamy sex between the lines.

Tess, as a film, is poetry. The dewy landscapes roll past us like paintings at the Louvre. The luminous Nastassja Kinski is perfect as the naive Tess who never quite understands why the same men either relentlessly thrust her on a pedestal or push her down in the dirt. She simply endures, in silent beauty.

On the days when you're getting bored with life and you feel can't have any more feelings, Tess will cure you. You'd never feel like you're watching a costumed performance by paid actors - there are no false notes, this is not a pretentious or dusty 'period' drama. To be watched and loved on, again and again.

warning: sexual violence

|52-in-2016 movie challenge| 49/52
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I've just read something that I can really, really recommend.

Get in Trouble is a book of short stories by Kelly Link; a finalist in this year's Pulitzer's for fiction.

These are mundane stories in fantastic universes. These stories are full of dark whimsy and of genuine feelings often concealed from others, and they are often sexy. I don't remember reading anything like this since Roald Dahl's stories for grown-ups (Tales of the Unexpected). Talented storytelling, relatable characters - such a strong collection. Don't discount it just because the world of these stories is out of whack.

"These stories make you laugh while staring into the void." (Boston Globe)

Some teaser plots:

- waitress hangs out with her childhood friend who is now a world-famous superhero
- girl is indentured to look after a house full of mischievous creatures and doorways into another world
- in a modern world run on ancient Egyptian customs, two rich disillusioned teenagers go to a burial chamber
- gay couple go to a disastrous island wedding while their surrogate has pregnancy complications back home
- girl falls in love with her BFF's new robot boyfriend
- astronauts tell (really freaky) ghost stories on a spaceship
- woman with two shadows runs a warehouse in the Keys, at the end of times

There are character names rendered in cartouche symbols and ghosts living in robots; superhero conventions and demon lovers helplessly in love; murder art and a vanished nudist colony. I was blown away and I just have to pass this goodness along :)

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