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elle (bond girl);
swiss-french; russian; american | quand je serai grande, je veux rester petite

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all forms of caffeine, amy pond, asoiaf, attention span хорька на амфетаминах, batman, beauxbatons, bela talbot, brady corbet, bucky barnes, chace crawford, charlie hunnam, chuck/nate, cozy mysteries, crazy bitch around here, dean winchester, dean/jess, dr. who, eva green, evan rachel wood, eve babitz, fanvids, finnick odair, fleur delacour, fuck impulse control issues, fuck me i'm famous, georgina sparks, head of the assassins' guild, i am a destination, intellect is not a cure, iron man, jensen ackles, kings, kiss my tiara, leonardo dicaprio, loras tyrell, loras/renly, los angeles is pretend, luna lovegood, movieverses, nate archibald, nate/vanessa, paul denton, pepper potts, rarepairs, rebel poster boys, renly baratheon, robert downey jr, rogue one, sebastian stan, second sons and bastards, sherlock holmes, small fandoms, social experiments, sofia coppola, star wars, supernatural, the covenant, the dark knight, the hunger games, the joker, triangles and threesomes, unresolved sexual tension, vesper lynd, voir tout en rose, wes anderson, winter soldier, ymmv, young americans, your mom, zac efron, аморальные сумки, английские детективы, без ipodа никуда, всем любить меня полчаса, дети большие и маленькие, дискриминировaть по интеллекту, ева грин этого бы не одобрила, имею мнение х оспоришь, не надо оваций, никто не знал а я бэтмэн, ось миравого зла, сразу да, ядерное возмездие неотвратимо, ♥th
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